The selection of textiles and furniture for this project was carried out remotely. The apartment was mostly furnished, however it was necessary to find dining chairs, a cabinet and a bedside table. The last two were decided to be made according to Marina’s sketches.

Roman blinds in the kitchen and the dining area made of warm white cotton decorated with the contrast light blue edging and the Corinne Embroidered boarder from the Veronique Samuel & Sons collection.

Chairs for the dining area are Bik chairs in Grey White colour from Prostoria.

In the bedroom striped cushions are made of jacquard from Romo fabrics. Green cushion decorated with Samuel & Sons Jumbo Brush Fringe.

Bedspread made of the textured weave cotton from Villa Nova Huari collection.

Bedroom curtains are made of raw cotton decorated with blue border from Samuel & Sons Cambridge collection.

For the living room the cabinet was made using solid wood and plywood according Marinas’ sketches.

It was necessary to show wooden texture even on a painted parts of the cabinet.

Bedside table was made from the same materials as a living room cabinet according Marinas’ sketches.